St. Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy

A very warm welcome to St. Joseph's Catholic Voluntary Academy and our exciting website, where you will find a great deal of useful information about the school.

St. Joseph's is an inclusive community in which all pupils are treated as individuals and are respected.

If you are considering St. Joseph's as a school for your child do not hesitate to contact the school office and make an appointment to see the school at work. You will be made to feel very welcome.

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New Things on our Web

  • 15 Oct 20: January Teacher Training date added to our diary dates.
  • 15 Oct 20: Photographs of this year's School Council members.
  • 15 Oct 20: Photographs of this year's Chaplaincy Group.
  • 29 Sep 20: New Admissions Supplementary Information Form.
  • 27 Sep 20: Flyer and details of our Foundation Open Days on the home page.
  • 25 Sep 20: Latest school meals Menu from 28 September onwards.
  • 25 Sep 20: Music Quality Mark Gold award added to our collection.
  • 17 Sep 20: A link on our School Meals page for allergen and nutritional information.
  • 17 Sep 20: Timetables for 2020/21 on our year group pages.
  • 17 Sep 20: Our Sports Premium impact report for 2019/20.
  • 17 Sep 20: Some signed school Policy documents.
  • Previous updates

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