The aim of the Governing Body at St. Joseph's is to work with the staff in helping the children to achieve their full potential in a happy, caring and Christian environment.

The Governors work closely with the Headteacher to ensure that the school is constantly seen to bear witness to the faith in every aspect of its work and to promote high educational standards.

We do this in four main ways:

  • Monitoring the performance and progress of our children.
  • Working with the staff to help them teach and care for our children.
  • Deciding on how the resources of the school are best used.
  • Planning ahead so that the performance of our children and our school continues to improve.
  • To ensure Admission arrangements are conducted following the school policy.

To deliver this effectively the Governors are representative of all the key groups involved in our school - the Parents, the Staff, the Local Authority, the Community and the Church. Some are appointed and some are elected. All serve for a term of three years.

We meet together at least once a term as a whole Governing Body, and in other committees focused on Finance, Staffing, Premises, Admissions and Curriculum. In addition we each have a specialist subject that we take particular interest in (eg. Numeracy, Literacy, Art, ICT).

We are always keen to hear parents views and we hold a Governor Forum each term, which gaves parents an opportunity to speak to a Governor. We are extremely proud of our school community and its achievements.

Mike McGowan
Chair of Governors

Members of our Governing Body

Name Type of Governor
Mr M McGowan Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor
Mrs M Clearkin Vice Chair of Governors, Foundation Governor
Mr J Cooper Foundation Governor
Mr J Liddle Foundation Governor
Fr O O'Neill Foundation Governor
Mrs A Whelan Foundation Governor
Mr P Blagburn Parent Governor
Mrs N Thomas Parent Governor
Mrs K McVea Headteacher
Mrs L Webb Non-teaching Staff Governor
Mrs C Dedman Teaching Staff Governor

Governor Profiles

Mr Paul Blagburn

As a parent governor at St. Joseph’s my role is to help support the school continually improve and enhance all aspects of school life.

I currently have one child at the school and one who is due to start next year. My child enjoys school and I want for all children to experience enjoyment in learning and to gain the skills and knowledge in order to leave primary school as independent, confident individuals who are tolerant and respectful of others.

I am on the standards committee which has oversight of education outcomes and school improvement. I currently work in the Higher Education sector.

Mrs Maureen Clearkin

My involvement with St. Joseph's School began as a parent volunteer in Foundation when my son joined the school. As a practising Catholic, I was subsequently asked to become a Foundation Governor and am now in my fifteenth year. I have a background in accountancy and for most of that time I have been a member of the Finance Committee, assisting the Headteacher and Bursar to ensure that the School's budget is well managed for the benefit of all the pupils. As a member of the Staffing Committee I have been involved in the recruitment of a number of the teaching staff and have undertaken safe recruitment training as part of the school's high safeguarding standards to ensure that pupils are safe at school.

Since the School became part of the Corpus Christi Academy Trust, the Committee structure has been reorganised and I now sit on the Catholic Life Committee which assesses both RE, Collective Worship and the everyday Catholic life of the school. Governors on the Committee review displays and RE work and spend time with the children on the Chaplaincy team and with pupils as they prepare for class and assembly worship. This provides a picture of St. Joseph's as a thriving Catholic school, showing children working together and with the parish and local community.

As a Catholic school, St. Joseph's seeks to live out its gospel values every day in ensuring that every child is encouraged to reach their full potential in a supporting, caring environment. Although my son has long moved on I continue to visit the School regularly and my commitment to work with the Headteacher, Staff and Governors to help it thrive and provide the best start possible for every child under its care remains as strong as ever.

Mr Jon Liddle

As a senior business manager in a complex engineering support services business, my role is focused on developing and implementing a strategy to delivering annual budgets and position businesses for growth. I bring this range of experience to my role on the governing body as well as a member of the finance and facilities committees.

The success of our school is also testimony to the dedicated team of teachers and staff who we support as a governing body.

The governing body is only one aspect of the support community which surrounds our school. Central to the life of our school is Our lady of Victories Church and the parishioners who, along with parents of pupils, actively support the many fundraising events organised by the Parent Teachers and Friends Association and the Educational Trust. Through these fundraising efforts we have been able to invest in the school to support its growth and development.

As an active member of our broader support community, I am proud to have been a part of the governing body at St. Joseph's for over 8 years, originally as a parent governor and now as a foundation governor. During this time the school has been through a number of changes, the most significant being the formation of the Corpus Christi Academy Trust.

My objective is to ensure that we continue to work together, as a community, to provide an environment in which the children are happy and are able to thrive and fulfil their potential.

Mr Mike McGowan

I have been Chair of Governors for over eleven years and in that time the Governing body has overseen an almost doubling in size of the school population. I have presided over significant changes within the school structure including, most notably, the formation of the Corpus Christi Multi-academy Trust with four other Catholic primary schools within Leicestershire and Leicester city.

My four children all attended St. Joseph's (as well as an incumbent grandchild) and they all thrived in an environment that is committed to our Christian values and supports the sharing of the Catholic faith. The school looks at each child as an individual and supports that individual development appropriately. It is a place where children feel valued, happy and safe.

St. Joseph's is going from strength to strength as highlighted by the academic performance of the children and the vibrant atmosphere within the school. It is led excellently by our headteacher Mrs McVea, who is backed up by fantastic, dynamic staff. I look forward to the challenges ahead and overseeing the continuing excellence within the school.

Father Owen O'Neill

I have served as a Foundation Governor for 50 years in different schools, both Primary and Secondary, in the Catholic Diocese of Nottingham. During that time, I have seen many changes in the School Curriculum, many, many challenges for Headteachers, Staff and Governing Bodies. I have always tried to support Headteachers and Staff in every way possible, but especially through a positive and praiseworthy approach.

I hope that our schools will develop every child's potential to the full, and that every child leaving our school, will do so, well prepared for the next step of life's journey, whether that be to their Secondary School, to 3rd. level education, or directly to some work experience that might define their future.

Obviously, because of my position and relationship to our school, I feel I have a great responsibility, together with my fellow Governors, Headteacher and Staff, to live and celebrate the ethos of a Catholic school. To nourish the spiritual life of every child in our school, and to celebrate for, and with Catholic Parents, who so wish, the beliefs, doctrines and Sacraments of the Catholic Faith, so that their child will experience the fundamentals of the Catholic Faith as expected by the Parents and the Diocesan Authorities. I also wish every child in our school to respect, value and respond in love, to the beliefs of every child in our school and indeed every person in our community.

Finally, I could say that I am an experienced Governor who has served our Catholic Schools for many years. I am always mindful of the great sacrifices that former generations have made, by way of building, maintaining, and indeed, up to very recent years, paying vast financial contributions annually, to ensure that our Catholic Schools are as good as they are. God willing, we will be there to serve many future generations, with the same faith, hope, joy, pride and excellence of the present.

Mrs Nina Thomas

It has been a privilege to be serve as a parent governor in St. Joseph's since June 2015. St. Joseph's Primary takes a significant part of our family life as both my children are pupils in the school. It is a school that nurtures and supports its pupils. The head teacher, the staff and all governors work really hard to ensure that our children thrive in it.

I see my role of parent governor as a critical friend. As I am a working mum, I use my professional knowledge as a business transformation programme manager to drive school improvements and make sure that the provisions in the school are outstanding for all the children attending. I believe that being a parent governor is a huge responsibility. It is very important to be objective, to promote the interest of all the children in the school and ensure that there is the right balance of provisions to meet the individual's needs and the strategic school direction.

I am the governing body's safeguarding lead and work closely with the school management to ensure that all the staff are fully aware and trained to deal with any safeguarding issues, including online safety. I ensure we have the right policies and they are communicated to everyone, including the children and as a whole that the school has done all that it possibly can to ensure that both the children and staff are safe and secure when in St. Joseph's and when they are out and about in the wider community.

I've been working with the governing body to improve the way we communicate with the parents and have taken every opportunity to share my experience and findings with the parents. I often go to the school for meetings or governor visits and always enjoy the atmosphere of peace and joy that one can feel when going around the school.

Until my term as a parent governor finishes at the end of the 2017/18 school yea,r when my children move to secondary school, I will continue to work closely with Mrs. McVea, the school staff and the other governors to challenge and support the school in the best interests of our children.

Mrs Allie Whelan

As a Foundation Governor at St. Josephs (appointed in 2010), I am a practicing Catholic and help in overseeing that the Catholic vision and character of our school is upheld. I also sit on the Board of Directors for the Corpus Christi Multi Academy Trust. I am actively involved in various aspects of the life of Our Lady of Victories Church; co-ordinating our annual parish Bazaar and being a trustee of the Market Harborough Educational Trust, and I previously led Our Lady of Victories Youth Fellowship for 5 years. I have 4 children, all of whom have been, or still are, pupils at St.Joseph's, and I am passionate about offering all of our pupils, and staff, the best possible learning experience, environment and outcomes, and to move on to their next school as confident, happy and well-rounded individuals.

As a regular visitor in school I see my role as a 'critical friend' supporting everyone in trying to make our school as good as it possibly can be. I help Mrs McVea with decision making and some practical elements of day to day life. I sit on the 'Standards' committee where we consider the school data to ensure that the school is progressing and is delivering maximum benefit to all pupils, on the staffing committee where we appoint, and oversee the development of, all staff at St. Josephs. My background in recruitment helps with this. I am also newly appointed to the Premises committee.

St. Josephs has been a large part of my life for many years and I have enjoyed seeing it grow from strength to strength. I look forward to serving this great school community and sharing in it's exciting journey for years to come.