November 2008

Mustard Seed Relief Mission is an Eastbourne based Christian charity supplying humanitarian aid to refugees, orphans, and displaced persons, mostly to Bosnia, Croatia, Romania and Ukraine, but also in certain establishments in Britain.

The work began in 1991 at the beginning of the Balkan war, and the charity has maintained a continuous flow of aid to the refugees in Bosnia and Croatia since that time.

In addition to routine humanitarian aid, each Christmas since 1992 the charity has operated the 'Love-in-a-Box' appeal. In which people throughout the country are invited to pack shoe boxes with Christmas gifts for children. These are then loaded and transported by Mustard Seed to areas of need, and distributed by personnel.

In 2004, just over 60,000 shoeboxes were handed out in this way, in schools, churches, refugees camps, orphanages and hospitals in Croatia, Bosnia Ukraine and Romania. The children and the families of St. Joseph's continue to support this worthwhile cause.

The Children of St. Joseph's school supporting the 'Love in a Box' charity appeal in 2008