Year 6 Hilltop Residential

8 to 10 June 2011

In June 2011, our Year 6 children went to Hilltop for a residential stay. Here are their first reports and reactions to the trip.

I am so tired it took us two and a half hours I can't wait for bed. - Rose

It seemed an eternity to get here, but where here now and we're having lots of fun! - Alice.

It took us two and a half hours to get here but to us it seemed like ages and ages! We have had lots of fun so far and can't wait for more. - Jessica

It seemed like years we were on the coach, but in the end we finally got here! What we have done so far has been amazing. I can't wait for tomorrow! - Kaitlin

The coach was pretty slow but we got there at the end anyway when we got here we were so glad the we went to our cabin to unpack. After that we had a bread and had our lunch then we did icebreakers and then trust, the most exciting was zip wire. I am so happy, bye. - Wendy

We had to be at school by 7:45. I was really tired but as soon as I got to school I was exited.The bus journey seemed to take ages and Rose was sick on the way there but we got here eventually. We all went into our cabins and unpacked. Then we did the ice-breaker activity and we went in partners and one had to lead the other round blindfolded. Some partners worked together well. Some didn't. we went on the big zip wire. It was really fun. We had a great dinner and played mad-hatters tig. And then we watched the apprentice. - Rosie

Today we went to hilltop it was totally awesome we arrived early first me, Adam and Matteo sorted out our even more awesome lodge then we did some trust skills like guiding each other through some obstacles blind! Then we went to the massive zipwire for a while (but it was still great). Then we went to the swimming pool which yet again was awesome. Last but not least we went to the woods to play mad hatters yes again great. - Alex

The way to hilltop took forever I 've got alex and mattoe in my room we did loads of activities they were awesome, but now I'm really tired. - Adam

today we went to hilltop first we were shown our lodges I was with jonah and ethan In a room then we were put in partners I was with rose and we had to guide each over through a wood then we went to the zip wire and it was great fun! After that we got changed and went swimming, I was struggling and Ethan helped me. Now we're going to watch some tv. - Josh

Today I went to hilltop we did all sorts of activities like a trust game mad hatters ice breaker And the realy high zip wire then we went in the pool it was great accept josh that was struggling To swim really exhausted. - Ethan

Today I left for hilltop (hurray) I am sharing a room with josh and Ethan. - Jonah

We arrived safely at hilltop. I am having a great time! - Brendan

I'm having a great time. I really enjoyed Mad Hatters. - Matteo

Today was awesome wish we were here for longer, Henry I really enjoyed the zip wire today, It was scary at first but then it was awesome. - Morgan.

What a cram packed day!