Year 4 Visit Leicester's Golden Mile

24 October 2011

When we arrived we had to walk to the Mandir. On the way we saw Rangoli patterns outside of the houses. People draw them to welcome people at Diwali and to encourage the goddess Lakshmi into their homes.

When we got to the Mandir we took our shoes off and went into the main room. We watched the people pray and then the Pujari answered some of our questions. When we left they gave us fruit and sweets, they were very generous.

Then we walked down the Golden Mile with our FactFinders hunt and tried to find out as much as we could before lunch. Some of us bought small gifts for our family. We even found a statue of Gandhi.

At 11.45am we went to Bobby's Indian Restaurant and the owner talked to us about different Indian vegetables. Bobby's is a vegetarian restaurant because of religious reasons. We ate lots of delicious vegetarian Indian food and they gave us some chocolate Barfi for pudding, it was yummy!

After lunch we finished our FactFinders hunt and we met lots of lovely shopkeepers and people who were all very generous. What an interesting and colourful day!

Rangoli patterns outside people's homes.
At the Mandir.

Walking down the Golden Mile.
Buying gifts for our families.

The statue of Ghandi.
At the Indian Restaurant.

Our food is served.
May I try some, please?

It was yummy!